Thursday, June 01, 2006

Interior Installed

It took about 4 weeks, but the floor replacement/cabinet refinish part of the refurbish is now complete. In this project we replaced the plywood floor,installed new vinyl flooring, refinished the furniture,sprayed new Zolatone wall covering and then reinstalled everything. We hope to be complete and ready to roll in time to take the Pacer to Salem OR by mid June. Note the tiny door knob on the closet, the Humphrey Gas Light, the refinish door interior and the original fabric on the sofa. The goal of this project was to preserve as much as possible of the original look of this 58 Pacer.

Furniture refinish

Vince came from New Orleans to help refinish the cabinets in the Pacer. Several panels had to replaced with new birch plywood. We had to experiment a little to get the new wood to match the old panels. Our mahgic formula was a coat of pecan stain, followed by a golden oak follwed by several coats of orange shellac. It took 3 days to fix all the furniture.