Wednesday, July 12, 2006

6000 Mile Trip to Salem OR

We just got back from a Salem Oregon where the 2006 Big Wally Rally was held. We finished the Pacer in time to take it even without an Air Conditioner. Everybody said Salem would be cool so no problem. It was 104 the day we got there and 107 the next day. But it cooled down at night so we were alright. After 2 days the daytime temps dropped back into the 80s/90s. We took the Pacer to show it off and sell tickets. Business was good and we sold a number of tickets. Everyone thinks they have the winning ticket. We didn't enter the Pacer in the Concours but it would have scored at least at the silver level, probably a close gold level.

Picture 1 - The Pacer parked in the Vintage Area at the Rally
Picture 2 - Lined up to parade into the rally site
Picture 3 - Crater Lake National Park, OR
Picture 4 - Mt. Lassen National Park, CA
Picture 5 - Natural Bridges National Monument, UT
Picture 6 - A National Forest CG in OR
Picture 7 - Fossil Beds National Monument OR